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THE MARCHES GRAPEVINE - Status on 15 October 2019
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Th 17OCT19 Hay StM: opera singers
Sa 19OCT19 Monmouth: sing Nelson Mass
Th 24OCT19 Hellens: Flamenco trio
24-28OCT19 Brecon Baroque Festival
Sa 26OCT19 Ludlow Ass R: Brodsky qt +
Sa 26OCT19 Leomin Choral: come sing
Su 27OCT19 Knighton: harp + sax
[Su 27OCT19] [BST ends]
We 30OCT19 Heref Ctyd: Orchestra Swan

Sa 02NOV19 Hay-on-Wye: madrigals
Sa 02NOV19 Ludlow StL: orchestra
Su 03NOV19 Leominster: Orch Pro Anima
Sa 09NOV19 Abergvny: Bach Ch Oratorio
Sa 09NOV19 Music in New Radnor
Sa 09NOV19 Monmouth: string quartet
Mo 11NOV19 Brecon Th: Swan Lake
Th 14NOV19 Hay Booths: string quartet
Fr 15NOV19 Brecon Th: Schubert
Sa 16NOV19 Monmouth: string quartet
Sa 16NOV19 Hereford Choral
Sa 16NOV19 Leomin Ch: Haydn + Mozart
Sa 16NOV19 Monmouth Choral
Sa 23NOV19 Ludlow Moor Pk: piano trio
Sa 23NOV19 Crickhowell Choral
Sa 23NOV19 Bis Castle: Beggar's Opera
Su 24NOV19 Knighton: cello + piano
Su 24NOV19 Leomin Pry: Border Voices
Sa 30NOV19 Kington Choral
Sa 30NOV19 Heref H Tr: Heref Str Orch

Su 01DEC19 Chepstow: Lond Klezmer Qtt
We 04DEC19 Heref Ctdl: Ex Cathedra Ch
Sa 07DEC19 Ludlow Choral
Sa 07DEC19 Hereford Choral: Messiah
Sa 07DEC19 Presteigne: Beggar's Opera
Sa 07DEC19 Clun: Debussy + Berio +
Su 08DEC19 Abergavenny: Unicorn Sngrs
Su 14DEC19 Music in New Radnor
Mo 16DEC19 Hay StM: choir Clare Coll
20-22DEC19 Brecon Th: Nutcracker bal

Sa 11JAN20 Leominster: BMEMF wkshp
Sa 18JAN20 Soc Recorder Players
Su 19JAN20 Monmouth: Debussy intro
Sa 25JAN20 Brecon: Sinfonia
Sa 25JAN20 Ludlow Moor Pk: strg qurtt
Su 26JAN20 Knighton: Mathias Trio

Sa 01FEB20 Herf Sh Hl: Eng Symph Orch
Sa 08FEB20 Music in New Radnor
Th 13FEB20 Heref Ctyd: Orchestra Swan
Sa 15FEB20 Abergavenny: sing Messiah
Sa 15FEB20 Soc Recorder Players
Fr 21FEB20 Yarpole: Orch of the Swan
Su 23FEB20 Knighton: clarinet quartet
Sa 29FEB20 Hereford Choral: Come Sing
Sa 29FEB20 Ludlow Moor Pk: flute + pno

Sa 07MAR20 Music in New Radnor
Sa 07MAR20 Brecon: Sinfonia
Sa 14MAR20 Worcester: MvnFC centenary
Sa 14MAR20 Heref Choral: Creation
Sa 14MAR20 Music in New Radnor: sax
Su 15MAR20 St Briavels: RWCMD studnts
Su 15MAR20 Cwmdu Music
Sa 21MAR20 Craswall: duo: M + Amyas
Sa 21MAR20 Heref H Trin: BMEMF wkshp
Sa 21MAR20 Soc Recorder Players
Su 22MAR20 Knighton: piano
Th 26MAR20 Heref Ctyd: Orch of Swan
Sa 28MAR20 Ludlow Choral
Sa 28MAR20 Ludlow Moor Pk: R Strauss
Sa 28MAR20 Monmouth: Moz + Schub Reqs
Sa 28MAR20 Llandrindod: Faure + Schub
[Su 29MAR20] [BST begins]

03-05APR20 Ludlow English Song Weeknd
Sa 04APR20 Heref StJMC: Heref S Orch
Su 05APR20 Heref Sh Hl: Eng Sym Orch
Sa 18APR20 Monmouth: guitar + violin
Sa 18APR20 Soc Recorder Players
30APR-04MAY20 Crickhowell Music Fest

01-03MAY20 Leomin Early Music Fest
01-04MAY20 Crickhowell Festival
Sa 09MAY20 Cwmdu Music
Th 14MAY20 Clun: Roderick Williams
Sa 16MAY20 St Briavels: violin + pno
Sa 16MAY20 Presteigne: Kington Chor
Sa 16MAY20 Soc Recorder Players
Sa 16MAY20 Ludlow Ass Rm: orchestra
Sa 23MAY20 Leomin: BMEMF sing wkshp

03-04JUN 20 Clun: string quartet
Sa 06JUN20 Brecon: Sinfonia
Su 07JUN20 Leomin: Birmham Phil Orch
Sa 20JUN20 Soc Recorder Players
Sa 27JUN20 Leomin Pry: Heref S Orch

03-04JUL20 Clun: string quartet
Sa 04JUL20 Cwmdu Music
Sa 04JUL20 Ludlow Choral
Su 05JUL20 New Radnor: BMEMF wkshp
Sa 11JUL20 Craswall: Eusebius qurtt
Mo 13JUL20 Craswall: Quintet
25JUL-01AUG20 Worcester: 3 Choirs Fest

27AUG-01SEP20 Presteigne Festival

Sa 26SEP20 Kington Ch: come sing
Sa 26SEP20 Cwmdu Music
25-27SEP20 Discoed: Early Music wkd

Sa 03OCT20 Shrewsbury: BMEMF wkshp
09-12OCT20 Hay Fitzwilliam Music
Sa 10OCT20 Music in New Radnor
Sa 10OCT20 Concerts for Craswall
Sa 24OCT20 Yarpole: BMEMF recorders
[Su 25OCT20] [BST ends]

Sa 14NOV20 Music in New Radnor

Sa 05DEC20 Ludlow Choral
Sa 12DEC20 Music in New Radnor

Sa 13FEB21 Music in New Radnor
Sa 13MAR21 Music in New Radnor
Sa 20MAR21 Concerts for Craswall
Sa 10JUL21 Concerts for Craswall
Sa 09OCT21 Concerts for Craswall